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2020 Words

I published 933 meme features for eBaum's World in 2020. My content saw 37,777,618 views and we set a new yearly site traffic record. Most of my individual traffic success comes from SEO driven memetic content, where I've consistently been 1st or 2nd to reporting on new emerging memes.  Here are some popular meme search terms I ranked #1 on or 1st reported:

"It's the.. for me?"

"Get stick bugged"

"Yankee with No Brim?"

"Never seen 2 pretty best friends"

"Da VInky"

"Only at MIller Grove"

Other flavors of words:

I've been doing some disinformation digging and reporting, implanting myself in QAnon FB groups and writing articles explaining how easy it is for fake news to spread online.

@Instagram commissioned a Meme Insider issue on the history and culture of memes on IG. I contributed a 1) community-wide interview of 30 of Instagram's most popular meme accounts [Page 20] 2) A simple guide on how to grow your meme page to 10k followers [Page 5].

A formal letter I composed to PA's governor

about paying mandated OnlyFans "Simp" ulus checks to all horny heroes.

My favorite written work of 2020: An in-depth guide on 5 Songs You Need to Try Peeing To

2020 Video

An Xbox 360 March Madness Twitch stream that got 4,500 concurrent viewers, shown on FOX29, and a Washington Post feature article. This was my first project at my new job.

A meme game show called "Meme or No Meme?" where I got meme famous people to answer some tough trivia. Here's one I did with a BBC culture reporter.

A spoof ghost hunting TV pilot I created with some college friends.

A YouTube series of prank calls where I only record the spam calls that I receive normally.

2020 Social

April 2020, I took over @ebaumsworld and increased the average weekly post count by 30 posts.

After 9 months, I've increased our following by 14k up to 227k while taking our average likes from 600 to 1.3k.

On @ebaumsworld we received over 3.5M likes in 2020.

On my personal original meme account, @hugeplateofketchup8, I've managed to outdo this number on 500 fewer posts.

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