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Published Works

Meme Insider is the internet's leading trends magazine.

Under my penname hugeplateofketchup8, I have written an article on a topic of my choice for monthly issues. Issues generate between 500k-1M readers per month.

Here are a few:

(Commissioned) Instagram 10th Anniversary Edition (Page 5, Page 20)

January Edition (Pages 8,9)

March Edition (Pages 17, 18)

April Edition (Pages 9,10)

May Edition (Pages 8-13)

June Edition (Cover Article, Pages 10-12)

July Edition (Cover Article, Pages 14-19)



The Memer Diaries: @hugeplateofketchup8

Facebook Journalism Project

The 411: A Meme Creator Explains the Power of One Hashtag

The Atlantic

Why Instagram's biggest memers are locking their accounts

Teens Are Spamming Instagram to Fight an Apparent Network of Child Porn

Instagram Memers Are Unionizing


Why is everyone on Tinder so obsessed with tacos?

The Ringer

“Let’s See Them Aliens”: The Comic Futility of #StormArea51

The Washington Post

Bored Gen Z kids recreate March Madness in mom’s basement using Twitch and an Xbox 360

The TikTok invasion of Lego Star Wars is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one​


Corona Madness PBS News Report

Philly Voice

Temple, Delaware grads streaming Corona Madness NCAA tournament on Twitch


College students host their own virtual March Madness after COVID-19 shutdown

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